From Rags to Riches

Another year in full fledge, whizzing by as I sit here and write about how our adventures with Lotta first began. I’ve just found the scrumpled up piece of paper which I started to write ideas down on in 2016 and here we are May 2017!!! Anyway, you can find a detailed description about how Lotta came into our lives in the About section of this Blog. Where does the time go, our new member of the family is not so new anymore. Our lovely rescue dog Lotta has become a precious and much loved member of our family in a relatively short space of time. Sure, there were moments when I thought to myself, ” What have I done!”, but that all feels like a lifetime away now. With lots of training sessions and determination on both sides, she has become a rather special dog to us all. Even my husband, who would have thought!

The above picture is of when we met up with the rest of the litter from Tenerife. I’m in the orange Jack Wolfskin jacket. We recieved a phone call from the local animal protection people to ask us if we would like to meet up with all the other dogs and if she could share our telephone number with a lady who has taken in one of Lotta’s brothers. Of course we agreed and a date was arranged. Before I finished the phone call with the lady I asked her where they had found Lotta, I hadn’t wanted to know before, to which she replied, in a skip with 10 other puppies!!! I wished I’d never had asked.

So in October 2014 we had the big meet. We met up locally where we could let the dogs off the lead. The whole family was nervous, Lotta could feel it too! We arrived at the agreed location (East of Munich) and all jumped out of the car. To my dog’s horror we were immediately pounced on by Lotta’s brother Fridolin, who is absolutely enormous. Lotta swiftly warned him not to come any nearer by snarling and snapping at him. I had to walk her away from all the excitement and calm her down a little, as she was stressed beyond belief. She had been together with Fridolin for a few months with a lady who had temporarily fostered them until they found their forever homes.

We all had a lovely time, it was quite an art keeping an eye on our own dogs as they all, or a lot of them, look so similar. I was glad I had a very much loved treat in my pocket which made calling her to me so much easier, dried beef hearts, she just can’t resist them. At one point the lady who had rescued the dogs in Tenerife joined us and began to tell the story of how she and someone else had rescued them at night, having to climb up a ladder to get into the skip to reach the puppies. During her story telling she knelt down and greeted the dogs, once the penny had dropped with the dogs who it was, they started jumping on her, licking her in a very excitable manner. Lotta was a little reserved at first but did manage to join in the celebrations of meeting their rescuer again. She slept well that night!

All the dogs were given homes locally, so we are able to keep in touch with some of them. Social media makes this easier. Sometimes we meet up with Lotta’s brother and it’s lovely to watch them play. It’s not easy to find a compatible play-mate as each dog has a different way of playing, or social behaviour.



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