Take A Walk On the Wildside


[Taken with a Pentax sf10 on auto] #nofilter

I really enjoy my walks with Lotta. A lot of people see it as a chore to be done, I see it as our time to bond and get out in the fresh air to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature. On several occasions I wish I’d had a camera with me, like the day when I spotted an owl resting on the ground or the time when we went for a walk in the woods and looked up to see a stag staring straight back at me. Lotta had no clue of his presence. The only encounter I really dread is that of a wild boar. I really wouldn’t want to experience that but it may well happen as they live in our woods.


[Taken with a Motorola G4 HDR]

Apart from the health benefits of getting some exercise, I also find walking the dog a great stress relief. It frees up your thoughts and lets your mind wander. This is where creativity flourishes, many ideas have come to me on a walk, my husband has said the same.

Lotta loves her walks as most dogs do. Our everyday routes have limited places where I can safely let her off the lead. We’re surrounded by busy roads and rail lines. I lost her once in a woody area. I thought it was safe to let her roam free as we were on a track and I could see for miles. Little did I know there was a hare hiding in the Mais field, as most people probably know dogs have an amazing sense of smell, she caught whiff of his scent and before I could react in time she was off. Hurling through the Mais field up towards the wooded area, it was then I saw the hare running for its life. She left me standing there for ten minutes, occasionally checking to see if I was still there, whistling until I was blue in the face. My main concern was the busy main road close by, I was worried she would get too close to comfort. All’s well that ends well, she did finally come back to me. I’ve heard of people losing their dogs for an hour!! As you can imagine I am very careful where I let her off the lead now.

Lotta enjoying the view on one of our favourite walks.003_4008_9

[Pentax sf10 auto] #nofilter

I’m trying to decide which camera to buy. Any advice would be gratefully received. I don’t want anything too simple as I would love to learn more about photography. It needs to be an all rounder ie. Motion pictures of the dog but also landscape. It shouldn’t be too bulky either as it will accompany me on our adventures. TIA


[Pentax sf10 Auto]



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