Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.

This week’s photo challenge is of feet, hands or paws. Well I went for paws, of course. Lotta’s paws/claws were of great concern to me as they looked absolutely enormous and I wasn’t really looking for a big dog. Well it turns out she is just perfect, not too small, with a shoulder height of around 50 cm. I love the underside of her paws where you can see her markings. When we first had her she had no spots on her paws, these have developed over the few years we’ve had her. Due to her poor overall condition when we first had her, I’ve had to give her certain foods and oils to improve the condition of her skin and fur. She now has a lot of spots on her skin which haven’t all come out in her fur. It’s going to be interesting how much of the colouring will come out in the end. Her muzzle and eyes have already changed considerably.




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