This is my take on the weekly photo challenge ‘Bridge‘. As you may know, if you follow my blog, we recently had a road trip to England. The time in England is usually spent trying to catch up with friends and relatives. We do however try and squeeze in a few activities to entertain my teenage boys and husband. Well, the men decided they wanted to go go-carting one morning which actually looked quite fun. I decided not to join in on the testosterone driven competitiveness of the participating males. Lotta, my mum and I were entertained just by watching them. One of the days I chose the outing. I wanted to go somewhere that was dog friendly and not too far away, as we were due to leave the next day on our mammoth journey back to Germany. I chose to go to the ‘Westonbury Mill Water Gardens’, Herefordshire. My men weren’t very enthusiastic about the idea.


Not strictly speaking a bridge but it links the two parts of the gardens. Those leaves are absolutely enormous. It was the most tranquil place I’ve ever visited and was enjoyed by everyone on that day. My grandmother often talked about the garden and I can understand why now. It also linked us together as a family enjoying our surroundings together and reminiscing about my grandmother. The bird’s chorus was amazing, they were singing their hearts out.

I plan to do a separate blog post about this garden, I have some wonderful photos of the gardens to share with you.



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