Photo challenge ‘Unusual’

Lotta listening to the echoing children’s voices in the forest.

This week’s photo challenge ‘Unusual’ leaves the door wide open to interpretation. On Tuesday I decided to follow through with something that I had been promising Lotta for a long time and that was to go somewhere different for our walk. This summer is proving to be a particularly hot one, so I try and walk as early as possible or think of cooler walks where there’s water or lots of shade. We hadn’t been on a forest walk for a long time. I really have no excuses but I guess things start to become routine and you have your rounds that you do. I’m trying to break that habitual habit and be more adventurous as to where we walk. Unfortunately I have a time limit because of work or my children but we have so many beautiful walks here there isn’t a viable excuse.

Anyway, Monday was the day I had decided to break the mundane cycle we had found ourselves in and jumped in the car and drove to the forest. Little did I know every school in our district had decided the same. Nevertheless it was absolutely the right decision. Lotta nose to the ground taking in the forest scents, seemed to enjoy every second. The bright sun rays scattered beautiful patchy light patterns on the forest undergrowth. As I walked I could physically feel all of the stress and worries of the present draining from my consciousness and found myself being hypnotized by the calm swaying of the many branches. After fully recharging our batteries and avoiding, as best possible, the huge numbers of children visiting that day, we drove home.

It was unusual for us to walk in the forest on a weekday and unusually noisy because of the children. We are also having an unusually hot summer. Did I mention we saw a Grey-headed Woodpecker at the beginning of our walk, it’s a shame I didn’t catch it on camera. That was very unusual to see one of those!


Author: A Whole Lotta Love🐾

Hi there, my name's Josie Leugner. I live in the south-east of Germany known as Bavaria, where the big Oktoberfest takes place. I love getting in touch with nature, going on walks, ski-ing and spending time with family and my dog. I'm currently working as an English trainer, working with all age groups. I also teach within companies.

4 thoughts on “Photo challenge ‘Unusual’”

  1. hello lotta its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is almost like yoo ar on a dock lukking owt over the water!!! eksept for their not beeing enny water their!!! it luks like a verry nice peeseful playse despite all the childrin noyzes in the woods hmm do yoo think it is posibul they wer elvs and not children??? ok bye


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