Meet Mini Lotta’s Feline Sister

Princess Mini

Let me introduce you to our 7yr old cat ‘Mini’ who we collected free of charge from a farm. She’s quite a character, likes to talk back, begs to drink water from the bathroom tap and keeps us busy letting her in and out. Our boys chose her out of the 6 other kittens in the litter. Mini was the only one that didn’t wake up on our first visit, I actually had my heart set on a black kitten but was out voted. When the exciting day came to collect her, we jumped in the car full of anticipation. We were shown into the house to collect Mini, well she had other ideas and didn’t want to be caught. After chasing her around the living  room for what seemed like quite some time, poor thing, we finally caught her. On the drive home my husband could only drive max. 60 km otherwise the tiny kitten would get upset if he drove any faster. She would start miaowing very loudly in her travel box. We still have a chuckle at that now when we look back. At the farm she had been in close contact with a black labrador so was used to dogs.

So tiny, fitted into the palm of my hand (12wks).

Before Lotta came to us she had been in a foster home in Munich where she had had contact with lots of cats. Mini was initially not amused at us for having brought home another animal. At the time we also had two guinea pigs. Lotta had to be trained not to chase Mini round the house and also not to eat her food. I had to elevate Mini’s food to the window ledge where it’s more difficult to get to. What is it that dogs love so much about cat food? Or is it just any food I wonder!


As you can see from the above picture they have become friends of sorts. I wouldn’t say they are best friends but they are definitely better than they were. I remember one day after coming back from work and finding some blood on the floor. It took me a while to realise what had happened. From what I could make out, Mini had snagged Lotta’s elbow (front leg) badly enough to leave blood on the floor. There wasn’t much blood but I did get a bit of a shock when I first spotted it. Since that incident Lotta has a lot more respect for the cat.

Lotta will get upset if Mini is in trouble outside with another cat and will whine to go outside to go to Mini’s defence. I don’t encourage her to chase cats off but I think if my cat is being beaten up, then Lotta has a right to defend her and come to her aid.

Recently they have become even closer and will sniff each other nose to nose! It’s taken a while to get where they are now but I can’t complain about their progress, because I have heard of some horror stories where dogs will actually chase and kill cats. Thankfully our two are at peace with each other and will huddle together in the cellar during a storm.

Princess and the pea!

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