Photo challenge: ‘Textures’

Ebersberg Forest

This week’s photo challenge is of one of our favourite walks in our little town. I love the different textures shown in this photo, the bark of the old trees, the summer green grass, the glimpse of our town in the background all offer different textures. This was a particularly hot day two weeks ago and to keep cool I decided to head to the forest for a refreshing walk.

Some history of the forest:

Ebersberg Forest stretches across 90km2 of Bavaria and is one of the largest stretches of forest in Germany. From the 36m high ‘Look out Tower’ there is a wonderful view of the northern Alps of Salzburg across to the Wetterstein mountains (if the weather allows a clear view). If you look closely on the trees there are memorial plaques of fallen soldiers from WW11. They were all so very young and seeing them on the trees brings it home to just how many young men lost their lives, not just from this country but so many more.

The forest has two lakes, Egglburgsee and Klostersee, several popular bier gardens and a wildlife park which is at the ‘Sauschütt’. Klostersee is open for people to swim in its waters free of charge. Unfortunately there are no dogs allowed. At the ‘Sauschütt’ you can see deer, a variety of preying birds and wild boar. It’s a great family day out and your four legged friends are welcome too. Nature reserves are also very prominent in the forest and in most places the dogs have to remain on the lead.

‘Museum Wald und Umwelt Ebersberg’ is situated at the carpark near the Look out Tower and is worth visiting. It holds exhibitions and events which are of great interest. Click on the link to read more: Museum

The forest even has its own mythical tale of ‘The white Lady’. There have been several sightings of a ghostly figure around midnight whilst driving through the forest. Several serious accidents have been reported at around midnight near the Hubertus chapel. If you see a light burning in the chapel, you know the White Lady is around!


Author: A Whole Lotta Love🐾

Hi there, my name's Josie Leugner. I live in the south-east of Germany known as Bavaria, where the big Oktoberfest takes place. I love getting in touch with nature, going on walks, ski-ing and spending time with family and my dog. I'm currently working as an English trainer, working with all age groups. I also teach within companies.

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