A Book Review of: Learning From Dogs by Paul Handover


I very kindly received a signed copy of the book ‘Learning From Dogs’ from Paul Handover. It was agreed that I would write a review about his book. For every book purchased some of the proceeds go to local shelters where Paul lives, Oregon USA.

As I started to read the foreword, certain similarities to ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ sprang to mind (My father insisted on playing it in the car as I was growing up!). The foreword to this book was written by a close friend of Pauls, Dr. Goodbrod, who is a local vet.

‘Learning from Dogs’ starts off by taking the reader through several theories of how dogs came to be our beloved pets, non of which has been proven but nevertheless very interesting to read.

The book is at times philosophical with questions of how our dogs can change our lives for the better and how we can learn from them. I particularly liked the auto-biography parts of the book which give a clear insight to the loving relationships the author has had with every one of his dogs (horses). Two particular stories have left a lasting impression, one was of the dog ‘Dhalia’ who wandered off and didn’t return (you’ll have to read it to found out how this one ended). The other one was of Pharoah who I believe played a big role  in the author’s love for dogs and showed him how we as humans can learn from them. Sadly, Pharoah has since, passed away.

In some parts of the book there are medical references which aren’t easy reading but it’s very interesting and it’s worth sticking with it. This unfortunately spoilt the flow of the book at times.

My husband and I have discussed many a time, several aspects of this book before we even knew this book existed. I found ‘Learning from Dogs’ both interesting and enlightening to read. I’m in agreement with the author and think we have an awful lot to learn from dogs. When we start realising the qualities of dogs and incorporating them into our lives then maybe, just maybe our world will become a better place to live.

Lotta enjoying some down time.

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