‘A Whole Lotta Love’ is about our family’s adventures with our rescue dog Lotta. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a long time now but didn’t really know the content I should include. After watching some other bloggers/vloggers I now have a better idea of content for my blog.

In this blog I will include family holidays, equipment that I use and generally anything I’ve had a good experience with. I am by no means a professional and don’t pretend to be one. Anything I post here I personally have used it or have had experience with it.

Lotta came into our lives in March 2014, funny it seems like she’s always been a part of our family. I had wanted a dog for years but my husband always said no it’s too restrictive having a dog. You can’t fly with them, you can’t go on holiday etc.! Well, yes, it’s not as easy as it was without a dog but it’s not impossible. I started scouring the internet for rescue dogs, I had decided I liked the idea of giving a dog a home who was in desperate need of one. I came across a website of the local animal protection, where I found several dogs online who needed a home. Lotta was advertised as being a calm, quiet, slightly nervous female dog and was 6 months old at the time. I showed my husband the picture and asked if it would be alright to meet her in Munich to see what she was like. He replied with an ok then. I nearly fell over backwards in surprise and didn’t waste a minute and got on the phone to the foster lady to arrange a meeting.


Lotta’s photo on the local animal protection website

Well, as you can guess the meeting went well, especially as our youngest son Oliver bonded with Lotta almost immediately. If I remember rightly, I made the phone call on Saturday, we met her on Sunday, agreed to adopt her pretty much there and then and she arrived with us on the following Thursday! My husband said it was fate and we were meant to have her.


A Whole Lotta Love🐾

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