Weekly photo challenge: Beloved

This week’s photo challenge is Beloved and of course this is a very fitting theme for my blog about our rescue dog Lotta, who came into our lives four and half years ago. I can’t believe how the time has flown by. She has changed our family life in so many positive ways and even my husband is besotted with her. We have been very busy on Instagram and if you are also on there please pass by our profile and say hi!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

This week’s photo challenge is Variations on a theme.

We love going for walks with Lotta, one of our favourite walks is in our local forest. The forest trails go on for miles and the scenery is beautiful. I have a feeling Lotta loves these walks too!







Featured is a dog bandana from ‘Bramble & Friends’, you can find them on Instagram. Lotta is wearing the Summit Parka jacket from Hurtta and the lead is a Hurtta’s casual rope lead.

Hurtta Casual Harness and Lead Review

Casual harness, colour River 70cm and the Lignon/River casual rope lead 180cm.

While we were on holiday in Italy I received some exciting news that I’d won a hardness and lead set from the finnish company Hurtta. I follow them on Facebook and have entered many of the competitions to win some of their accessories, this year in August was to be my lucky moment. I really couldn’t believe my luck! I was messaged by one of their team to ask if we would prefer the collar, lead combo or a harness and lead, as you can see from the photo above we chose the harness and lead combination.

Due to popular demand, I didn’t receive the items until 10th November. These colours are so popular that they ran out of stock, so that’s why we had to wait for ours. We have been using the lead and harness for a while now so I thought it was time to write my honest review about them. I was so delighted with the colours and the quality of the products that I instantly went online and bought the collar to match. I mostly use the collar and lead as she is better on the lead with the collar. I use the harness in the car (with a seatbelt attachment) and also when I know she may get a little nervous eg. new places or where there are more people around. I love the attention to detail like the finnish flag and the embossed Hurtta logo on the items but most of all I love the fact that they are padded and Lotta doesn’t suffer from any chaffing or fur loss. The photo below shows fur loss under the collar where it was rubbed off by the predecessor. After using the padded Hurtta collar her fur has now grown back.


On the photo below you can see that the lead is attached to a ring on the handle of the harness. This ring is free to move along the handle which is great as I have had harnesses before where the ring is fixed which means it pulls the harness round the body of the dog causing rubbing and uncomfort to the dog. The metal hardware is a lovely metallic brown colour which appeals to me more than the original black they used to use on their products. Both collar and harness have a protective mechanism to avoid the dog’s skin/fur getting trapped in the clasp which closes both of them.


All the products featured have 3m reflectors woven into the material which are very efficient for visibility in the dark. The collar and harness are really easy to adjust and fit perfectly. Even though the buckle of the harness is right next to her elbow it doesn’t seem to bother her or cause any discomfort. The only thing missing for me on the collar is another separate place for the tags, so that they don’t knock against the clasp of the lead. I read somebody elses review of the harness and they said some dogs may be able to escape from the harness, this has not proven to be true for Lotta yet and she can sometimes be difficult when she gets nervous. She did however escape from another harness I once had when she was younger but the Hurtta harness seems to fit so well that she hasn’t been able to escape from it. It is essential that you follow the measuring guide on the Hurtta website to avoid buying the wrong size and disappointment.

Not the best photo but it shows how well the 3m reflectors work.

I have always been a fan of this company, their customer service is fantastic and the products are durable and of a very high standard. I first discovered them when I was looking for a winter jacket for Lotta and their jackets were the only ones that a) had an attachment for a harness and b) were long enough at the back to cover the biggest muscle on the back leg. The products are great value for money because of their durability.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions, please ask.

These are affiliate links to the above products, clicking on these means no extra cost to you as a customer. Any income generated will help to keep this website running.

Hurtta casaual harness ‘River’

Hurtta casual collar ‘River’

Hurtta casual Rope lead Lignon/River

Dog Beaches in and around Loano

The first beach we drove to was, as it turned out, to be the Ritz of all the dog beaches of our holiday but it came at a price. The beach is at Albissola Marina Liguria which is a good 40 min. drive from Loano, if not more. We were so excited to find it as my husband had been raving about it during the count down to our Italian holiday. We finally arrived at our destination and started to look for a parking space, first problem, there was hardly any street parking, as it was extremely busy but we managed to find a pay and display parking lot just before the Bau Bau Village beach, which meant a short walk to it. We walked into a hallway area and unsure of where to go and speaking no Italian we were quickly greeted by one of the employees and ushered to the check-in point. My husband nearly had a heart attack when she issued us with a bill of 70 Euros for the four of us plus dog for the day. We were quite tempted to bid them good day but we had travelled so far to be there, that we decided to treat ourselves.


As you can see from the photo above it was very spacious and everyone had their own beach hut type sun umbrella. We also had a lot of space between each of the other sun loungers which in Italy is pure luxury. The beach area was clean and it wasn’t too overcrowded with dogs. Lotta wasn’t convinced that she needed to swim in the sea. I tried throwing a toy in for her but the neighbouring Golden Retriever decided to swim for it. She loved meeting the other dogs but one dog was particularly annoying and she had to warn him off. There is an exercise area as you walk on to the beach which is fenced off and has covering, so there is plenty of shade (on the tour below this area doesn’t look like it has much shade). This is great, so that you can exercise your dog off the lead. There is an agility course which can be fun if the weather isn’t too scorchingly hot. As you walk in there is a restaurant to the left and a kiosk on the right where you can buy drinks and snacks which are reasonably priced. At the back of the beach are changing cubicles and showers and toilets for the dog owners. On the way out there is a dog shower area where you can shower off the salt and the sand from your dog’s fur. There is also a shaded picnic area where you can eat your food outside.

Bau Bau Village beach tour

The next dog beach we drove to was at Finale Ligure. It was a lovely town with lots of cafes and restaurants. In order to get to the seafront you had to drive through the town, so parking here was also a little tricky. We were very lucky and found a parking space directly in front of the promenade, it was also a pay and display parking space. I laughed as my husband tried to haggle with the man renting the sun loungers. My husband being as frugal as he is wanted to pay for just two sun loungers and one umbrella but wasn’t successful and ended up paying for the four sun loungers and one umbrella. We had been spoilt with the Bau Bau dog beach, so this was no comparison. However there was a really long promenade with many restaurants and kiosks to buy food and ice-cream. I walked Lotta up and down the promenade a few times as the weather wasn’t great that day and it was a lovely walk through the palm trees and little garden areas. The dog beach itself was not as big as the first one but still quite spacious with dog water bowls and toilets for the owners.

Finale Ligure dog beach.
Finale Ligure promenade.
Small garden area on the promenade.

Last but no least was the dog beach in Loano itself. This was the cheapest one yet (11 Euros, I think) but not the best one by far. We arrived a little late so most of the loungers had been taken. There was hardly any space between the loungers and too many dogs. Lotta spent the few hours we were there, hidden under the sun lounger. There were the same facilities as on all the dog beaches but it was just too small. Lotta has a shoulder height of 50cm, a medium sized dog. Most of the other dogs here were little lap dogs.

To summarise the Bau Bau dog beach is a great day out if you want a luxurious beach day and to be able to completely relax. The dog beach at Finale Ligure is great if you want a family day out with diversity ie. shopping, eating out and lots of walking. The beach in the Loano town itself is great for small dogs if you only want to spend an hour or two at the beach.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

‘Brudermühlbrücke’ Munich

Lotta also has an Instagram account which is linked below on my wordpress site. Yesterday we spent the morning in Munich by the ‘Brudermühlbrücke’, it’s famous for its street art aka graffiti, shooting photos for my Instagram account. We were very lucky to win a harness and lead (leash) from Hurtta which is a finnish company specialising in dog accessories. In the photo you can just about see a sneek peek of the street art on the walls of the bridge. I had forgotten how lovely it is to walk along the river Isar in Munich. The paths and cycle lanes stretch for miles along the river banks of the Isar, making it a very popular place for young and old, especially people with dogs. If you would like to see more of the street art on the bridge you can visit us on Instagram.

Featured is the casual harness and collar in the colour River and the Lingon/River casual lead from Hurtta.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Peek

Photo book review for: Saal Digital (English & German)

I was chosen to review Saal Digital’s photo book after applying online. We have made photo books before using a different company so we are used to the layouts and the programs most companies use. To create your photo book from Saal Digital, you first have to download their software which takes no time at all and is really easy. Once this is done there are several products you can choose from, posters, calendars, business cards etc., you just click on the product you would like. I received a voucher code of 25€ which covered the cost of creating this book. The book I chose is hard back, has glossy pages and size A5 (15,2 x 20.6 cm).

Ich wurde ausgewählt, das Fotobuch von Saal Digital zu testen. Wir haben Fotobücher auch von anderen Unternehmen verwendet, so dass wir die Layouts und die Programme gewöhnt sind. Um Ihr Fotobuch von Saal Digital zu erstellen, müssen Sie zunächst die Software herunterladen, die keine Zeit beansprucht und wirklich einfach ist. Sobald dies erledigt ist, gibt es mehrere Produkte, die Sie auswählen können, Plakate, Kalender, Visitenkarten usw., klicken Sie einfach auf das Produkt, das Sie möchten. Ich habe einen Gutscheincode von 25€ erhalten, der die Kosten für die Erstellung dieses Buches abdeckt. Das Buch, das ich wählte, hat ein Hardcover, glänzende Seiten und die Größe A5 (15,2 x 20,6 cm).


Once you’ve clicked on the photo book of your choice, on the right hand side are different covers displayed, I chose the shiny cover which entails no extra costs. There’s also a choice of a padded cover which costs 5,00€ extra. There is also a choice of paper you’d like for the inside of the book. I chose shiny photo paper, if you choose matt paper you actually pay less for the book. My book has 26 pages but you can have more if you wish.

Sobald Sie auf das Fotobuch Ihrer Wahl geklickt haben, werden auf der rechten Seite verschiedene Cover angezeigt, ich habe das glänzende Cover gewählt, das keine zusätzlichen Kosten verursacht. Es gibt auch eine Cover-Wattierung, die 5,00 € extra kostet. Es gibt auch eine Auswahl an Papier für das Innere des Buches. Ich habe glänzendes Fotopapier gewählt, wenn Sie mattes Papier wählen, zahlen Sie weniger für das Buch. Mein Buch hat 26 Seiten, aber Sie können mehr haben, wenn Sie es wünschen.



After all that has been chosen, we come to actually designing the book. I chose the “One-minute-photo” book option which was super quick and easy. To have more control over how the book is created you can opt for the Auto-layout.

Nach allem, was gewählt wurde, kommen wir tatsächlich zum Entwurf des Buches. Ich wählte die “One-Minute-Fotobuch-Option”, die super schnell und einfach war. Um mehr Kontrolle darüber zu haben, wie das Buch erstellt wird, können Sie sich für das Auto-Layout entscheiden.


Following choosing your photos, and they have been uploaded to the program, the “One Minute photo book” option places the photos automatically on the pages. If you would like to place them differently you can choose a different layout on the right hand side as seen in the photo. There are also several themes to choose from ie. if you have wedding photos you choose a theme for a wedding etc.. I chose the “Simple” theme but with a background colour which looks like water-colour paper. To place the text where you would like it you have to turn off the automatic layout function.

Nachdem Sie Ihre Fotos ausgewählt und in das Programm hochgeladen haben, werden die Fotos durch die Option “OneMinute-Fotobuch” automatisch auf den Seiten platziert. Wenn Sie sie anders platzieren möchten, können Sie auf der rechten Seite ein anderes Layout wählen, wie auf dem Foto zu sehen ist. Es gibt auch mehrere Themen zur Auswahl, z.B. wenn Sie Hochzeitsfotos haben, wählen Sie ein Thema für eine Hochzeit usw. Ich wählte das “Simple” Thema, aber mit einer Hintergrundfarbe, die wie Aquarellpapier aussieht. Um den Text an die gewünschte Stelle zu platzieren, müssen Sie die automatische Layoutfunktion ausschalten.


Finally, like all online purchases, you give in your personal details and how you would like to pay for it. I finished my book last Monday and received it on the Thursday. It took a little longer than expected because of the bank holidays we had in between. I can highly recommend this company as I’m really pleased with the super quality of the photo book and the simplicity of creating it, we will treasure it for years to come. Thank you Saal Digital!

Schließlich geben Sie, wie alle Online-Einkäufe, Ihre persönlichen Daten ein und wie Sie dafür bezahlen möchten. Ich bestellte mein Buch letzten Montag und erhielt es am Donnerstag. Es dauerte ein wenig länger als erwartet wegen der Feiertage, die wir dazwischen hatten. Ich kann diese Firma sehr empfehlen, da ich mit der super Qualität des Fotobuchs und der Einfachheit der Erstellung wirklich zufrieden bin, wir werden es für die kommenden Jahre schätzen. Danke, Saal Digital!


La Dolce Vita

We had another road trip in the summer, down to Italy near the French border. My youngest son had continually mentioned that he’d quite like to go to Italy again for our summer holiday. During their younger years, we always had had an Italian holiday. We used to drive down towards Venice and stay in Bibione, Jessolo or around those areas. It was lovely whilst they were young and they would sit playing in the sun on the beach but after eight years, I grew tired of the same old, same old. That’s when we decided to give Croatia a try.

So this year when my husband asked where we should go on holiday, both my youngest son and I immediately suggested Italy. My husband wasn’t too keen at first until I came up with the idea of driving through Switzerland to the Italian Riviera. I had always wanted to go and see Monaco and Portofino. We were a little late booking our summer holiday as usual, so I was really pleased when I stumbled upon a hotel that also accepted dogs. The location was perfect, in between Monaco and Portofino enabling us to visit both places during our stay in Italy. There was one slight problem, they only accepted dogs up to 15kg, Lotta weighs 21kg. We were devastated, as we thought we’d found the perfect place to stay with our family. The hotel has three swimming pools, one of which is a heated indoor pool in the spa area. It had a fitness room for my eldest son and my husband (who’d have thought), a games room, table tennis and of course evening entertainment. Well, we weren’t going to let that put us off, so my husband sent an email of Lotta sitting on my lap when she first arrived at our house. This photo had worked before and it did the trick again, they made an exception. Funny that they should have a dalmatian as their mascot on their website!

This was on the way home! She jumped into the front seat as if she was trying to make us laugh, it worked!

The day came when we were due to leave. I, unusually for me, was quite organised (or so I thought) and had managed to wash everything we wanted to take with us and had packed it the night before. Little did I know, until it was much too late, that I had in actual fact forgotten the towels!!! Who needs towels when on holiday swimming everyday!! Anyway, we were all full of anticipation and eager to get on the road. It was a very plain sailing drive down to Italy with one shock of the toll price of Switzerland’s motorways, you have to pay for a whole year, which is maybe ok if you own the car but not if your car is about to be changed for a new company car (then 40 Euros are a lot of money). The added advantage of this, is that there are very few cars on the roads and the scenery is just breathtaking. Lotta travels in the boot of the car in her travel box which she actually prefers to the back seat with the boys. If I remember correctly we only stopped twice on our eight-hour journey.

Entrance to ‘Ai Pozzi Village’

So we arrived at our destination ‘Ai Pozzi Village’ in Loano. Our first impressions were very positive after driving through the Palm tree adorned entrance of the hotel. After parking the car we tumbled out and bounced up to reception and were greeted by an Italian who said he spoke a little German. We had to laugh at this because he spoke fluent German with very few, if any, mistakes. He rambled on about the services we could pay for and that parking wasn’t actually included as we’d booked through booking.com. This we found a little irritating as all you want to do on holiday, is get in your hotel room and as quickly as possible and jump in the pool. A very positive thing to note is that dogs are allowed in a designated area by the pool. One of our concerns was that we would have to take it in turns looking after Lotta in the hotel room, so it was great that she was allowed to sunbathe with us on the terraced area. We did however, have to take it in turns to eat, as dogs are forbidden in the restaurant. We booked just breakfast, which was a buffet that we all enjoyed in the morning. There was a huge variety of food, something for everyone.

Lotta looking smug, sunbathing on the terrace.
View from our hotel room at night, looking over the pool.

The hotel room was a snug fit with bunk beds and a double bed for the adults. For four adults there wasn’t enough wardrobe space and was lacking a chest of drawers (would possibly be ok for a family with smaller children). The balcony was huge but had a partitioning see through wall. On offer was a mini-bar which proved useful on occasions and meant I could store Lotta’s food safely. The room was air-conditioned as you would expect from Italian hotels. The bathroom was a really good size and had a walk in shower with a rain drop fitted shower head and a flexible shower head. We had a hotel room on the fifth floor which meant using the lift to get to our hotel room. Lotta quickly got over her fear of lifts, thank goodness!

The hotel room.
Lotta found the beds very comfortable.

The hotel is only a fifteen minute walk away from the town centre and the train station. To get to the town centre you have to cross the railway line which sometimes meant we had to wait at the crossing until the train had passed. The hotel also has its own private beach which has the added cost of paying for the sun loungers. Dogs are unfortunately not allowed on this beach which I think is a little crazy as the hotel is advertised as being dog friendly (we were aware of this, as it clearly states on their website). There are however assigned dog beaches and the cheapest one we found was in the town itself at the cost of eleven Euros for four people plus dog. Again this was ok for smaller dogs but was a little on small size for bigger dogs. There are so called free beaches which are as the name would suggest without charge but as you may have guessed dogs are not prohibited on these beaches. I will do a separate blog post on the dog beaches in the area and describe in detail the prices and what there is to offer.

Eating out is always a pleasant experience with Lotta who has become really good at lying under the table until we have finished. In one of the restaurants the waitress came out with some tasty ham for the dogs. I think this was Lotta’s favourite one. The town offers a wide range of restaurants from pizzerias to more sophisticated sea food restaurants. We found the best value for money restaurants near the square in the town centre. After a while we couldn’t see anymore pizza and pasta and decided to try out a Tex-Mex restaurant. In past experiences this hasn’t been the best choice of restaurants in Italy. I had seen a sign for ‘The Ranch’ advertising Tex-Mex food and we decided to try it out. We were not disappointed with the menu full of Tex-Mex and steaks, a little on the more pricey side but a refreshing change from your average Italien touristy cuisine. It’s well worth visiting if you’re in the area. It’s situated jut outside Loano (in Pietra Ligure).

Loano town centre at night.

I loved the old fashioned architecture and the shutters on the windows, it has a very romantic flair to the area. Loano town itself is full of little back passages and tiny alley ways. At night it is lit up with fancy lights, they look like Christmas lights although they probably are an all year round feature. The promenade is lovely to walk down with a one-way restricted street and adorned with private beaches and restaurants a plenty. Dogs are very welcome here and there are many of them. We had a lovely ten days here and the time just flew past. We had two big day trips one to Monaco and one to Portofino which I will also include in a following blog.

The narrow streets and alley ways of Loano.

The journey home was horrendous with a five hour traffic jam on one of the ring roads to get onto the motorway. We found out later that a lorry had lost its load of fluid soap and it had taken them all day to clear it up. We were very late in booking this holiday, so were lucky to get anything at all. If we had booked earlier we would have booked one of the apartments they have on the complex which would have been more comfortable for our family with two teenage boys. Would we go back to this hotel? Probably not. For our family and the size of dog it wasn’t ideal but families with smaller dogs I can definitely recommend it. The only thing it is missing is an exercise area for the dogs!

Guess where we are headed next year for our summer holidays?