The Day The Music Died

Last year (2016) wasn’t one of our best years, it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster to say the very least. It began like every year with a celebration into the new year. New year’s Eve we usually celebrate with my sister-in-law’s family, taking it in turns to celebrate at each other’s houses, 2016 was our turn. The tradition is a mexican meal, fajitas, chilli, tortillas, guacamole etc. followed by some kind of dessert, if we’re not too full. This particular year we decided we had enough room for a chocolate fondue with fruit, yum!

We normally try and walk off some of the calories, which is great for Lotta as she gets to walk with a big pack of hers. Exercising before the fireworks helps Lotta cope a little better with the stress. I have to keep her on the lead at all times because of the danger of early fireworks. I have grown to hate fireworks, with the exception of silent ones. I was never particularly keen on them even as a child. I seem to remember hiding behind my parents and holding my ears because of the loud bangs. So I have every sympathy for the animals who have no understanding of what the hell is actually going on.

I was horrified the first time I celebrated New Year (Silvester) in Germany, Munich to be precise. At the stroke of midnight everyone assembles in the street and fires his own purchased fireworks willy nilly, under the influence of alcohol most of the time, terrifying!

February arrived and my mum and step-dad came to visit. Mum came over to watch the local carnival which takes place on Shrove Tuesday (Faschings Dienstag). Unfortunately the morning of the carnival there was a serious train collision (Meridian) and the event had to be cancelled due to local people being involved in the accident or in the recovery of it.

The weather wasn’t great in February, very cold and icy, so we decided to go on a day trip to the salt mine in Berchtesgaden which is about a two hour drive away from us. As we were driving, a snow storm hit us and slowed our journey quite considerably. Lotta unfortunately wasn’t allowed to come with us, so she stayed behind with my eldest son, who had already been to the mine on a school trip. It was a fantastic family day out, we still talk about it now.



To be continued…………….