Furbo Dog Camera: Do you have problems leaving your dog at home alone?



If the answer is yes, then this could be an invaluable product for you! I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest opinion after thoroughly testing it out with Lotta. The Furbo is designed to keep owners and dogs connected even when they have to leave their dog alone for a short amount of time. My family and I have always had the problem of having to eat breakfast separately whilst staying in a hotel. As one of my blog readers you will know that we travel to England by car at least once a year. We normally stop in France on the way. This is when we have problems leaving Lotta in the hotel room, most hotels don’t allow dogs in the dining area. Lotta tends to get stressed when left alone in an unfamiliar place which can mean she resorts to destructive behaviour, so we would never leave her alone in a hotel room, normally. With the Furbo all of our problems would be solved, well at least one of them.


So what’s in the box?

Inside the box is the Furbo Dog Camera with a natural bamboo wooden lid. It comes with a quick start guide, two meters of USB cable and a power adapter. I really love that it comes with an adapter which we can also use in England and don’t need a special adapter for.


What functions does the Furbo have?

The Furbo is a high quality HD camera with a 160° wide angled lens. It has an infrared LED light for night vision, it also features a high quality built-in speaker. At the top of the Furbo is a removable wooden lid where you place the treats inside the machine. There is enough space for around one hundred (round app. 1cm in diameter) treats inside the machine. Dog owners stay connected to their dogs at home by talking to them and rewarding them with treats that can be launched from the Furbo. The camera has a warning function when the dog barks, this can be activated in the settings of the Furbo app. The dog owner receives a push up message on their smartphone should their dog start barking. The neighbours will be very grateful for this function!


If you have any questions regarding the camera, you can click on the question mark in the top right hand corner of the screen.


How does this work?

The Furbo works together with the Furbo app on your smartphone. This can be downloaded for free and is available for ios-, android devices and the Apple-Watch. It’s really easy to download and takes no time at all. Once downloaded, the app will advise you to update to the latest version.  The Furbo should ideally be placed on a hard, raised surface with a very good WiFi connection, where the dog can see it. Once the Furbo is plugged in and connected to the app, the yellow light will turn to blue, these colours have been used as they are recognisable to dogs.

Under the Furbo are self adhesive stickers that can be stuck to hard surfaces, should you have a young dog who is likely to knock the camera over.

Images below are of an android smartphone screen:


Adding the details of your dog to the profile, really adds a personal touch when you open the app.

Once connected to the smartphone, the user will see a live stream video of the room they have installed the camera. On the mobile screen, several functions are displayed which the user only has to touch with their finger to implement them. The middle one is a round treat shape which is swiped up with the finger to throw a treat out of the camera. Before the treat is released it gives out a high-pitched signal (this is customisable) to get the dog’s attention. On the right hand side of the screen, a microphone can be seen, if clicked the dog owner can talk to their dog to reassure it and reward their fur baby with a treat. There are also buttons to record a video or take a photo using the camera. To alter any of the settings, users can click on the three dots at the top right hand corner of the screen.



How do I introduce this to my dog?

It’s recommended that your dog is introduced slowly to the Furbo, as not to frighten it. For young dogs who are not used to being left alone this will take some time to train and should be done at first over a short period of time. I have been training Lotta whilst sitting with her in the same room. I showed her where I put the treats and let her sniff the device. I then told her to sit and get ready for a treat while pointing at the camera. It’s important never to shoot a treat out of the device if the dog is standing too close to it! Then I moved out of the room out of sight from Lotta and spoke to her via the microphone on the app. She really wasn’t sure about this but nevertheless accepted the treat she was given and also obeyed the command I had given her before the treat was released. On Saturday night we went to see my eldest son play in his orchestra, during the interval I was able to connect to the Furbo and communicate to Lotta. I was amazed how quickly it connected and how well it functioned. In the settings of the app is a helpful training video to you get started.

Where can I purchase a Furbo?

The camera can be purchased on the Furbo website.

How can it be improved?

I love the over all sleek design of the Furbo and wouldn’t change anything in its appearance. I love all the functions and the app is very easy to use and install. The only thing I would like to see is maybe a travel version. Because Lotta travels in a dog box in the boot of the car, we are very limited for space. A smaller version of this would make it easier for us to transport. It’s a very well thought out design and definitely worth every penny.

The Furbo will make our lives much easier and we will be more relaxed whilst out of the house knowing that we are still connected to Lotta where ever we are. Leaving Lotta for a short while on her own should, from now on be no problem at all!


Josie & Lotta

Kabang Review. The Mary Poppins’ bag for dog owners. What sets it aside from all the rest?


I have been slightly distracted with Instagram and have built up quite a community with other dog owners. Once I’d reached a certain amount of followers (I can’t remember how many!) I decided to launch a giveaway as a way of saying thank you to all those that follow our profile. This is how I came into contact with Any and her KABANG®. At first she offered to sponsor a micro-fibre cloth which you can attach to the KABANG® system to take with you on trips. It comes in handy for wiping hands or paws before you get back into the car or even drying your dog, as it is so soft and has great absorbancy. We had contact over the phone and through Instagram and we watched our followers grow. The giveaway was a great success and because a lot of small companies had agreed to collaborate with me, it meant I had several prizes to give away. At some point Any offered to gift me a KABANG® in agreement that I included it in a post on Instagram, a blog post and maybe even a video on YouTube. So here we are! Thank you Any!


What’s the main function of the KABANG®?

I have been using the KABANG® for around three months now and it has been everywhere with us. It hangs in my hallway with the coats and when I take Lotta out, I don’t have to search for anything anymore, I just swing the KABANG® over my shoulder. What I really love about it, is that at the back of the bag is a separate compartment where there’s space for a full dog waste bag, which means it frees up your hands and you don’t have to walk along swinging a stinky bag until you find the next dog waste bin. In the summer I don’t have any pockets to put the items I need on a dog walk, so this is going to be great in summer. In the winter it means I don’t have to stuff my pockets full of treats and dog waste bags.


Where does the name KABANG® come from?

The name comes from Korean which means a bag.

What do I have in the bag?

I usually have the pocket for my smart phone attached to the front belt part and the bag that hangs down at my side. The bag contains waste disposal dog bags and some treats. When Lotta is off the lead I store the lead in the front net compartment so that I have my hands free but there is so much room for so much more.


What do you get when you buy a KABANG®?

The KABANG® is an adjustable belt system with an attachable bag which can also be used separately. The KABANG® Classic comes with a pocket which can be fitted to the belt and the bag. The KABANG® Complete comes with a special water bottle holder which is best fitted at the back of the belt and two pockets and the bag. The pockets are attached to the belt by slipping them through the belt then attaching the clasp to the metal hoops. This means they stay securely in place and don’t swing from side to side. Inside all the pockets and the main bag are metal hoops so that you can attach keys or dog whistles to them. The bag is also available separately for those of you just interested in a treat bag and also the pocket for the used dog waste bag.



Are there any add ons?

As I mentioned earlier you can buy a micro-fibre cloth that can be attached with a bone shaped Munkee® carabiner to the KABANG®. This cloth is so soft and absorbent, I use it to wipe Lotta’s paws before she gets back into the car but it has other uses such as, drying off a wet dog or wiping hands clean of residue from the dog treats. Just recently the option to have the cloth personalised by embroidering the name of your dog on it has been added. You can also buy extra pockets to attach to the KABANG®.


Is this made in China?

The answer to this is, no, it definitely isn’t! The materials are all sourced in Germany and everything is carefully sewn together by a local seamstress in Allgäu. The belt system is waterproof and very robust while also being very light weight.

Why do I need a KABANG®?

I had been looking for something similar to this system for a long time and the other bags just didn’t match my expectations. I was so glad to find the KABANG® and it makes going for walks so much more relaxed and I never forget anything. Safety has also been thought of and reflectors have been sewn into the belt, so that when visibility is poor, I can clearly be seen by other people but also car drivers. If you want to be well prepared for your dog walks without having to carry a rucksack and stuffing your pockets full of treats and toys, you really need a KABANG®!

Where can I buy a KABANG®?

There is a KABANG® for every budget making it affordable for everyone. You can purchase one on the website shop here: Kabang.dog

Until July there is a discount code ‘lottaskabang’ which saves you 10% using this link:


*Affiliate Link* It’s also available in different variations on Amazon here:

KABANG® Classic

KABANG® Komplett


Some local pet stores are stocking them too,  ‘Hund Katze Maus Der Laden’ in Grafing near Munich: Rotterstrasse 12, 85567 Grafing. Tel. 08092 8684460

Can the KABANG® be improved?

Any has already made huge improvements and values genuine feed back of how she can improve the system. It used to be a velcro system that attached the pockets to the belt. It’s now a loop and clasp system which makes it very secure. The only velcro now is on the flap of the pockets so they can be closed. It would be helpful to have a separate compartment in the main bag to store a purse, so that I wouldn’t need a handbag when we are travelling. For me it’s also a little too long in the summer without a jacket, maybe there should be an option for smaller carabiners to attach the bag to the belt system? I love the colours red and black but maybe some other customers would like to see it come in different colours. To stay up to date with KABANG® follow them on Instagram @kabang.dog or visit their website, as mentioned above.


I have never found a bag quite like it and I have looked everywhere for one that suited my needs. The other bags I’ve found, haven’t had space for my smart phone and, as far as I know, there isn’t a bag with a separate compartment for a full dog waste disposable bag. It really is the Mary Poppins’ bag of all dog bags!

Eva from @undercover.labrador-ein Huskyblog, has also written a detailed blog post about the KABANG® in German:




Josie & Lotta 


Hurtta Casual Harness and Lead Review

Casual harness, colour River 70cm and the Lignon/River casual rope lead 180cm.

While we were on holiday in Italy I received some exciting news that I’d won a hardness and lead set from the finnish company Hurtta. I follow them on Facebook and have entered many of the competitions to win some of their accessories, this year in August was to be my lucky moment. I really couldn’t believe my luck! I was messaged by one of their team to ask if we would prefer the collar, lead combo or a harness and lead, as you can see from the photo above we chose the harness and lead combination.

Due to popular demand, I didn’t receive the items until 10th November. These colours are so popular that they ran out of stock, so that’s why we had to wait for ours. We have been using the lead and harness for a while now so I thought it was time to write my honest review about them. I was so delighted with the colours and the quality of the products that I instantly went online and bought the collar to match. I mostly use the collar and lead as she is better on the lead with the collar. I use the harness in the car (with a seatbelt attachment) and also when I know she may get a little nervous eg. new places or where there are more people around. I love the attention to detail like the finnish flag and the embossed Hurtta logo on the items but most of all I love the fact that they are padded and Lotta doesn’t suffer from any chaffing or fur loss. The photo below shows fur loss under the collar where it was rubbed off by the predecessor. After using the padded Hurtta collar her fur has now grown back.


On the photo below you can see that the lead is attached to a ring on the handle of the harness. This ring is free to move along the handle which is great as I have had harnesses before where the ring is fixed which means it pulls the harness round the body of the dog causing rubbing and uncomfort to the dog. The metal hardware is a lovely metallic brown colour which appeals to me more than the original black they used to use on their products. Both collar and harness have a protective mechanism to avoid the dog’s skin/fur getting trapped in the clasp which closes both of them.


All the products featured have 3m reflectors woven into the material which are very efficient for visibility in the dark. The collar and harness are really easy to adjust and fit perfectly. Even though the buckle of the harness is right next to her elbow it doesn’t seem to bother her or cause any discomfort. The only thing missing for me on the collar is another separate place for the tags, so that they don’t knock against the clasp of the lead. I read somebody elses review of the harness and they said some dogs may be able to escape from the harness, this has not proven to be true for Lotta yet and she can sometimes be difficult when she gets nervous. She did however escape from another harness I once had when she was younger but the Hurtta harness seems to fit so well that she hasn’t been able to escape from it. It is essential that you follow the measuring guide on the Hurtta website to avoid buying the wrong size and disappointment.

Not the best photo but it shows how well the 3m reflectors work.

I have always been a fan of this company, their customer service is fantastic and the products are durable and of a very high standard. I first discovered them when I was looking for a winter jacket for Lotta and their jackets were the only ones that a) had an attachment for a harness and b) were long enough at the back to cover the biggest muscle on the back leg. The products are great value for money because of their durability.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions, please ask.

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Hurtta Casual Harness ‘River’

Hurtta Casual Collar

Hurtta casual Rope lead Lignon/River