Petfindu: Hast du Angst deinen Hund zu verlieren?

*Werbung* (Ich bekam die erste Hundemarke von Petfindu®, habe aber die zweite selbst gekauft)

Diese Hundemarke wurde mir von Petfindu für meine ehrliche Meinung in einem Blogpost geschenkt. Diese ist aus der Oktoberfest-Sammlung.


Bei mir ist die Antwort definitiv ja! Vor allem, als wir Lotta das erste Mal vor all diesen Jahren ein neues Zuhause gegeben hatten. Lotta ist ein Tierschutzhund, den wir vom örtlichen Tierschutz Verein, hier in unserer Stadt aufgenommen haben. Ich hatte von vielen Albtraumgeschichten gehört, in denen Hunde ein neues Zuhause gefunden haben und die es in den ersten Tagen geschafft hatten, dem Geschirr oder dem Halsband zu entkommen, das sie trugen. Die neuen Besitzer hatten Wochen oder in einigen Fällen Monate damit verbracht, sie zu finden!

So, was ist Petfindu®?

Petfindu® ist ein deutsches Unternehmen, das strapazierfähige, schön gestaltete Hunde-Marken herstellt. Auf der Rückseite der Marke, befindet sich ein QR-Code, der von jedem Smartphone mit der QR-Code-App gescannt werden kann. Dies spart Zeit, da die Person, die deinen Hund findet, nicht warten muss, bis der Tierarzt geöffnet ist, damit dein Hund gescannt wird. Dein Hund kann mit bis zu drei verschiedenen Hundemarken registriert werden, ja, die Designs sind so wunderschön, dass du definitiv mehr als einen willst!



Gibt es versteckte Kosten?

Nach den anfänglichen Kosten der Marke ist es kostenlos, das Profil deines Hundes auf der Petfindu-Website einzurichten, wo die Informationen deines Hundes registriert werden können. Wenn erwünscht, kann der Finder dich direkt kontaktieren, aber du hast die Wahl, wie viele Informationen jeder sieht. Das Alarmsystem, wenn aktiviert, kontaktiert alle Tierärzte, andere Benutzer der App und Tierheime in der Nähe, wo der Hund verschwunden ist. Mit einem Klick kannst du dein Vermissten-Plakat auf Social-Media-Plattformen teilen und so viele Menschen wie möglich informieren. Offline gibt es die Möglichkeit, Vermissten-Poster deines Hundes auszudrucken, um diese in dem Bereich aufzuhängen, in dem der Hund verschwunden ist. Wenn du im Urlaub bist, änderst du einfach die Adresse im Profil. Du brauchst keine neue Hundemarke.


Ja, zuerst hatte ich große Angst davor, Lotta zu verlieren, aber jetzt, mit zwei Petfindu® Hundemarken, habe ich die Gewissheit, dass die Chancen, dass wir mit Petfindus Hilfe dazu in der Lage wären, sie wahrscheinlich wieder zu finden, hoch sind. Es ist sehr einfach ein Profil zu erstellen und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität der Hundemarke. Sie sieht immer noch neu aus, sie ist überhaupt nicht gealtert! Schau dir ihre Website an, ich bin mir sicher, dass du genauso begeistert von den Designs und der Technologie sein wirst wie ich.

Petfindu® website


Hundemarke aus der Rebel Kollektion ‘Great Britain’.

Josie & Lotta 


Petfindu: Are you afraid of losing your dog?

*Ad* (I was gifted the first dog tag but bought the second one myself)

This tag was gifted to me by Petfindu for my honest review in a blog post. This is from the Oktoberfest collection.

With me the answer is definitely yes! Especially when we first homed Lotta all those years ago. Lotta is a rescue dog that we rehomed from the local rescue association here in our home town. I’d heard of lots of nightmare stories where dogs had been rehomed and during the first days had managed to escape the harness or collar they were wearing. The new owners had spent weeks or in some cases months trying to find them!

So what is Petfindu®?

Petfindu® is a German company that makes hard-wearing beautifully designed dog tags. On the reverse side of the tag is a QR code that can be scanned by any smart phone with the QR code app. This saves time, as the person who finds your dog, doesn’t have to wait until the vet is open to have your dog scanned. Your dog can be registered with up to three different dog tags, yes the designs are that gorgeous you will definitely want more than one!


Are there any hidden costs?

After the initial cost of the tag, it’s free to set up your dog’s profile on the Petfindu® website, where the information of your dog can be registered. If you wish, the finder can contact you directly but you have the choice of how much information anybody sees. The alarm system, if activated, contacts all the vets, other users of the app. and animal shelters in the vicinity where the dog has gone missing. With one click of a button you can share your missing poster on social media platforms informing as many people as possible. Offline there’s the option to print out missing posters of your dog to hang up around the area where the dog went missing. If you’re on holiday just change the address on the profile. You don’t need a new dog tag.

This is what it looks like if you report your dog missing. The amount of information that’s allowed to be shown is totally in your control.


Yes, at first I was very scared of losing Lotta but now with two Petfindu® tags I have peace of mind that if she did, heaven forbid, run off for any reason, the chances are very high that with Petfindu’s help we would be able to find her. It’s very easy to set up a profile and I’m really happy with the quality of the tag. It still looks new, it hasn’t aged at all! Have a look at their website, I’m sure you’ll be as thrilled with the designs and the technology as I am.

Petfindu® website

Dog tag from the Rebel collection ‘Great Britain’.

Josie & Lotta 

Kabang Review. The Mary Poppins’ bag for dog owners. What sets it aside from all the rest?


I have been slightly distracted with Instagram and have built up quite a community with other dog owners. Once I’d reached a certain amount of followers (I can’t remember how many!) I decided to launch a giveaway as a way of saying thank you to all those that follow our profile. This is how I came into contact with Any and her KABANG®. At first she offered to sponsor a micro-fibre cloth which you can attach to the KABANG® system to take with you on trips. It comes in handy for wiping hands or paws before you get back into the car or even drying your dog, as it is so soft and has great absorbancy. We had contact over the phone and through Instagram and we watched our followers grow. The giveaway was a great success and because a lot of small companies had agreed to collaborate with me, it meant I had several prizes to give away. At some point Any offered to gift me a KABANG® in agreement that I included it in a post on Instagram, a blog post and maybe even a video on YouTube. So here we are! Thank you Any!


What’s the main function of the KABANG®?

I have been using the KABANG® for around three months now and it has been everywhere with us. It hangs in my hallway with the coats and when I take Lotta out, I don’t have to search for anything anymore, I just swing the KABANG® over my shoulder. What I really love about it, is that at the back of the bag is a separate compartment where there’s space for a full dog waste bag, which means it frees up your hands and you don’t have to walk along swinging a stinky bag until you find the next dog waste bin. In the summer I don’t have any pockets to put the items I need on a dog walk, so this is going to be great in summer. In the winter it means I don’t have to stuff my pockets full of treats and dog waste bags.


Where does the name KABANG® come from?

The name comes from Korean which means a bag.

What do I have in the bag?

I usually have the pocket for my smart phone attached to the front belt part and the bag that hangs down at my side. The bag contains waste disposal dog bags and some treats. When Lotta is off the lead I store the lead in the front net compartment so that I have my hands free but there is so much room for so much more.


What do you get when you buy a KABANG®?

The KABANG® is an adjustable belt system with an attachable bag which can also be used separately. The KABANG® Classic comes with a pocket which can be fitted to the belt and the bag. The KABANG® Complete comes with a special water bottle holder which is best fitted at the back of the belt and two pockets and the bag. The pockets are attached to the belt by slipping them through the belt then attaching the clasp to the metal hoops. This means they stay securely in place and don’t swing from side to side. Inside all the pockets and the main bag are metal hoops so that you can attach keys or dog whistles to them. The bag is also available separately for those of you just interested in a treat bag and also the pocket for the used dog waste bag.



Are there any add ons?

As I mentioned earlier you can buy a micro-fibre cloth that can be attached with a bone shaped Munkee® carabiner to the KABANG®. This cloth is so soft and absorbent, I use it to wipe Lotta’s paws before she gets back into the car but it has other uses such as, drying off a wet dog or wiping hands clean of residue from the dog treats. Just recently the option to have the cloth personalised by embroidering the name of your dog on it has been added. You can also buy extra pockets to attach to the KABANG®.


Is this made in China?

The answer to this is, no, it definitely isn’t! The materials are all sourced in Germany and everything is carefully sewn together by a local seamstress in Allgäu. The belt system is waterproof and very robust while also being very light weight.

Why do I need a KABANG®?

I had been looking for something similar to this system for a long time and the other bags just didn’t match my expectations. I was so glad to find the KABANG® and it makes going for walks so much more relaxed and I never forget anything. Safety has also been thought of and reflectors have been sewn into the belt, so that when visibility is poor, I can clearly be seen by other people but also car drivers. If you want to be well prepared for your dog walks without having to carry a rucksack and stuffing your pockets full of treats and toys, you really need a KABANG®!

Where can I buy a KABANG®?

There is a KABANG® for every budget making it affordable for everyone. You can purchase one on the website shop here:

Until July there is a discount code ‘lottaskabang’ which saves you 10% using this link:


*Affiliate Link* It’s also available in different variations on Amazon here:

KABANG® Classic

KABANG® Komplett


Some local pet stores are stocking them too,  ‘Hund Katze Maus Der Laden’ in Grafing near Munich: Rotterstrasse 12, 85567 Grafing. Tel. 08092 8684460

Can the KABANG® be improved?

Any has already made huge improvements and values genuine feed back of how she can improve the system. It used to be a velcro system that attached the pockets to the belt. It’s now a loop and clasp system which makes it very secure. The only velcro now is on the flap of the pockets so they can be closed. It would be helpful to have a separate compartment in the main bag to store a purse, so that I wouldn’t need a handbag when we are travelling. For me it’s also a little too long in the summer without a jacket, maybe there should be an option for smaller carabiners to attach the bag to the belt system? I love the colours red and black but maybe some other customers would like to see it come in different colours. To stay up to date with KABANG® follow them on Instagram or visit their website, as mentioned above.


I have never found a bag quite like it and I have looked everywhere for one that suited my needs. The other bags I’ve found, haven’t had space for my smart phone and, as far as I know, there isn’t a bag with a separate compartment for a full dog waste disposable bag. It really is the Mary Poppins’ bag of all dog bags!

Eva from @undercover.labrador-ein Huskyblog, has also written a detailed blog post about the KABANG® in German:




Josie & Lotta 


Day Trip from Loano to Monaco

When we were planning our trip to Italy, I really wanted to visit some of the famous and beautiful, touristy towns of the Italian Riviera. We chose to stay in Loano because it was in between two of the towns/countries I wanted to visit. I had always wanted to visit Monaco with its extravagant style and all the millionaire yachts and Portofino was to be on the list too. I first heard of Portifino when Wayne Rooney married there and I fell in love with the photos I had seen. First I will take you on a fascinating journey to Monaco.


The journey there was very easy, although the satellite navigation system didn’t seem to work too well near Monaco. Once we drove off the motorway the ascending road became narrower and very curvy. There are several viewing places to stop and take in the breathtaking scenery. Once we had driven up to the top of the road to Monaco, we passed border control, where several men in uniform stood by the side of the road. I was amazed at how small Monaco was, considering the amount of money it has. I had imagined it to be bigger. We parked in a multi storey car park and walked into the centre of Monaco. It was quite breathtaking, this small sovereign country set in a bay with cliffs as its backdrop. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and we decided to purchase a couple of umbrellas on the way to Monaco castle, to see the changing of the guards.



Being so compact, Monaco is very easy to navigate and we had no problems finding the places we wanted to visit. My mother in law said the changing of the guard at The Prince’s Palace was a must see. To get to the palace we walked up a long, steep narrow pathway right to the top. It was such a fantastic view of Monaco, it was well worth the walk up to the top. Lotta loved the ascent with plenty of new smells and a few places to stop and relieve herself. She wasn’t however very pleased to see all the people also waiting to watch the changing of the guard. We waited patiently in the ‘Place de Palais’ with anticipation admiring the view of the yachts below and the stationary canons that once guarded the palace. At five minutes to twelve the action started. If you have seen the changing guard of Buckingham palace, this is of no comparison, but never the less a must see if you are visiting the country.

Changing of the guards at the Prince’s palace Monaco.

Look at those beautiful windows!

Monaco castle from a different perspective.

The palace village is very quaint with its own narrow pedestrianized streets and touristy shops and cafes. The architecture is beautiful with vibrant colours, I particularly liked the mirrored windows of some of the palace buildings in the courtyard. Lotta seemed to enjoy the spectacular views from the top as well. From here we walked through the quaint little streets and made our way down to the main city. We walked through the harbour to see the spectacular yachts on show. I knew the yachts were big but some of them were so ridiculously huge, they had another smaller yacht inside them! I was in awe of what I saw but at the same time quite sickened to see such absurd riches when we have so much poverty and hunger in the world.

Lotta enjoying the view of the harbour from the Prince’s Palace village.

The descent to the harbour.

Monte Carlo harbour as seen from the castle.

Millionaire’s yachts.

Next on the agenda was the famous ‘Casino Monte Carlo’ that once featured in the 1995 James Bond movie ‘Golden Eye’ with Pierce Brosnan. We made our way through the harbour up to the Casino, walking through the tunnel where the formula 1 drivers have a chance to over take and up the steep windy hill to the casino. Walking the track you can fully appreciate the skill of the formula 1 drivers who have to navigate their way through a pretty treacherous track. Once there you are greeted with the most expensive and extravagant cars imaginable from Porsches to Mercedes to Lamborghinis, you can see them all parked in and around the casino. In the centre is a huge mirror centered in a park with a grassy area. Here you can find a hotel and restaurants and cafes but be sure to take enough money with you or your credit card!

Casino Monte-Carlo.

It was quite hot outside the casino!

The gardens in front of the casino. No dogs allowed unfortunately!

We had a fantastic day out, luckily we chose a day where it was a little bit cooler otherwise I think it would have been too hot for Lotta. Dogs are very welcome in Monaco although some of the gardens, dogs are prohibited. Would I go back? At the time I said no but I may be tempted back again someday and visit the casino and some of the museums. If I won the lottery I would definitely visit with my yacht!


Josie & Lotta







Photo challenge: ‘Textures’

Ebersberg Forest

This week’s photo challenge is of one of our favourite walks in our little town. I love the different textures shown in this photo, the bark of the old trees, the summer green grass, the glimpse of our town in the background all offer different textures. This was a particularly hot day two weeks ago and to keep cool I decided to head to the forest for a refreshing walk.

Some history of the forest:

Ebersberg Forest stretches across 90km2 of Bavaria and is one of the largest stretches of forest in Germany. From the 36m high ‘Look out Tower’ there is a wonderful view of the northern Alps of Salzburg across to the Wetterstein mountains (if the weather allows a clear view). If you look closely on the trees there are memorial plaques of fallen soldiers from WW11. They were all so very young and seeing them on the trees brings it home to just how many young men lost their lives, not just from this country but so many more.

The forest has two lakes, Egglburgsee and Klostersee, several popular bier gardens and a wildlife park which is at the ‘Sauschütt’. Klostersee is open for people to swim in its waters free of charge. Unfortunately there are no dogs allowed. At the ‘Sauschütt’ you can see deer, a variety of preying birds and wild boar. It’s a great family day out and your four legged friends are welcome too. Nature reserves are also very prominent in the forest and in most places the dogs have to remain on the lead.

‘Museum Wald und Umwelt Ebersberg’ is situated at the carpark near the Look out Tower and is worth visiting. It holds exhibitions and events which are of great interest. Click on the link to read more: Museum

The forest even has its own mythical tale of ‘The white Lady’. There have been several sightings of a ghostly figure around midnight whilst driving through the forest. Several serious accidents have been reported at around midnight near the Hubertus chapel. If you see a light burning in the chapel, you know the White Lady is around!